June 23, 2024

Free Design & Technology Consultations

How does this work?

When you sign up here you are opening a discussion with me about having a 1-2 hour free consultation around your design and technology needs. You will also be added to my email list (it’s just occasional and you can easily unsubscribe).

Step One

We have an initial conversation, usually over the phone, where we discuss your needs. If I think I have the right profile to help you we arrange a face to face meeting at no obligation to yourself and at no cost.

Step Two

We meet and discuss your situation in depth. You may know exactly what you want or you may wish to share broad ideas and get an opinion. I will ask pertinent questions about what you do. You should leave this meeting with a clearer idea of where you are heading or with a to do list of things that you need to put in place.

Step Three

If things go well and we appear to be a fit, I will send you a costed proposal as to how I would like to help you to achieve your aims.

Step Four

We agree to work together or perhaps not. You are under no obligation. Get the ball rolling.
Tim Jones

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