May 25, 2024
Webmill faqs


Will you help with my old website?

We often work with people to recover, update or replace old websites. We have been working with websites since 2002 and have the coding skills to deal with most situations in-house.

Can you help with my domain name?

We can help you choose and register a new domain name, transfer an existing domain to a different hosting provider, or redirect an existing domain to a new web host.

How much do websites cost?

The cost is usually based purely on the hours it takes us to do the work. Most basic sites cost somewhere between £500 and £1000 to create. More complex sites and shops will cost more. This is very unique to your situation and we give a free consultation to provide you with an estimate of cost.

How about ongoing costs?

Domain names have to be registered, usually every year or two years. They are relatively affordable and we help you to register them in your own name. Hosting a website costs a little more but is typically somewhere in the region of £100 per year for a typical small business.

Can I really edit my own website?

It really is very simple to edit some parts of your website once you know how to, even create new pages and adjust your navigation menus. The skills needed to do this are within reach of anyone who can use things like MS Word or web services like Ebay or Amazon. 

Do you help with email?

Email accounts can be controlled through hosting a domain. If you want to use your domains email e.g. we can help you set all this up on your web hosting server. If you prefer to use a service like Gmail then that would be a separate matter.

Can I have videos on my site?

Yes, if you use a service like Vimeo or YouTube then we can embed those videos so that they will play directly from your web pages. If you prefer to host videos on your own web hosting server, then a premium hosting plan may be needed.

Websites are expensive, can you help?

Yes, you can talk to us about ways of spreading the cost over a period of time.

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