May 25, 2024
Webmill web browsing

How It Works

Step One

We have a brief discussion about your web project. If we think we can help we will arrange a free, no-obligation consultation.
We look into your project in more detail; what you are hoping to achieve, essential details like domains, logo and branding, hosting and email, design choices and the technical stuff. We ask you a series of questions and this meeting usually takes an hour or two.

Step Two

We present a proposal to you with an estimate of costs and our terms. We usually require most of the site content and a portion of the cost up to 50% in advance.
Assuming you approve this proposal we will start work to an agreed timescale. We can provide you with login access for you to see work in progress and approve the way forward at key stages in the design process.

Step Three

When we have finished designing the site we ask for your approval before we begin user testing which we encourage you to participate in. This often involves using different devices and testing functions of the site like booking forms or payment gateways.

Step Four

At some point around this time we make a free training session available to you. This is designed for people who want to edit and manage their own websites, to whatever degree. We are experienced in helping with this process and you only need basic computer skills to do this.

Step Five

When the site is live on the internet we make all the necessary technical adjustments to ensure that search engines like Google and Bing index your site as soon as possible so it can be found on web searches. This process typically takes a few weeks.


We monitor the websites that we create and will alert you from time to time about essential software updates and backups. We carry out this work on an ad-hoc basis or through an optional monthly contract.

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